In the spirit of travelling, Cosas United designed a luggage that isn't only functional, but thoughtful towards the needs of our community. The Inspirit series was inspired by frequent travellers whom enjoy the ease of access during their journey.

Designed with a strip-designed front-pocket, matched with supreme quality material and seamless integrated-accessories. The Inspirit series is simply everything you need for your next journey.


    Constructed with carefully selected Polypropylene, the Inspirit suitcase is a high-performance thoughtful luggage built to withstand water, abrasion, heat, and combustion well, without compromising on weight.
  • Multi-Level Trolley
    A newly designed trolley that is hidden safely within the luggage shell to minimise damage. Decorated with the iconic Cosas United printed logo, giving personality and attitude to what seems like an ordinary trolley. The multi-level trolley accommodates all body heights for a seamless and effortless stroll.
  • Built-In Integrated TSA Lock
    Integrated TSA Approved lock built to safely secure your belongings. The built-in seamless design minimises plausible damage.
  • High-Security Hidden Zip
    The high-security hidden zipper secures belongings safely regardless of size or weight. Built to take on heavy duty usage and abuse, no measures of pens, screwdrivers or even knives can penetrate through its design.
  • Newly Designed Silent Spinner Wheels
    Cosas United's newly designed high-performance silent wheels were designed with a one-track mind focused on stability. The wheels were made tostabilizethe luggage whilst opening the front-pocket to store belongings and built to travel the distance, regardless of asphalt, dirt, or smooth surfaces.
  • Front-Pocket (Carry-On)
    The Inspirit design comes with the front-pocket feature for you to store and organize more of your personal belongings enabling you the ease of access when you need it most. (Carry-On only)
  • Design
    The Inspirit design embodies the spirit of all travellers while retaining the boldness and sophistication of Cosas United's core designs.


Small (20"): 39 x 22.5 x 57 cm; 2.5 kg
Medium (24"): 47 x 29 x 68.5 cm; 3.8 kg
Large (28"): 53 x 32.5 x 79 cm; 4.5 kg

Note: Measurements & weights are approximate and may slightly vary.


We go to great lengths to ensure our products are of top-notch quality:


Use exclusively water for cleaning the luggage and dry it with a clean soft cloth.

Chemical materials such as ace tone, paints and oils should never come into contact with shell surfaces.

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