Our Story; Your Story

Our Belief

We believe that in a world of limitless possibilities, everyone is unique. Everyone makes a journey, each different from the next. We believe that every experience is different, but we remain the same. For us, every journey connects us; more importantly, bridge the world. We value uniqueness in every individual, journey, and connection.


Connected. Open. Stylish. Accepting. Simple.

A connected and united world despite differences, that is what it means to be Cosas United.

Our Story

What matters most in our pursuit of experience is your ability to engage with different people, culture, and conversations. We help keep you safe, protected, stylish and warm so all you have to worry about is to build new connections and experience more.


Connected. Open. Stylish. Accepting. Simple.

Our Companions

We call our products our companions, because we value; more importantly cherish everything that matters most to us, especially when it represents us, our personality and our style. Building high quality luggage and winterwear isn't only what we do best, it is what we eat, live and breathe because it also accompanies us, wherever we go. Cosas United, truly our travelling companion.

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