Introducing Majestic series, a collection made from the highest quality polycarbonate (PC) & ABS. Not only it is well-known for its toughness, its edgy sides are specifically engineered to keep its shell from dents and cracks. Its internal lining will help to keep your belongings organized with multiple inner pockets and double divider. Be assured that Majestic series offers safety and performance in each trip and maximum capacity.


    Constructed with carefully selected polypropylene with a layer of aluminium film. The shell is so robust where it can withstand water, abrasion, heat and even combustion. Not to mention its weight which is so light and convenient. As a summary, the luggage shell itself is a chemistry of durability, reliability and weight-lighty which will serve you as your most preferred travelling partner anytime, anywhere.
    The design of the shell keeps the trolley safely hidden, ultimately minimising the risk of damage. It comes with a universal grip and a printed logo, giving class to what may seem like an ordinary trolley.
    This high tech zip literally, physically and basically keeps any sharp instruments from penetrating your luggage. You are now travelling with a one of a kind zipper mobile vault.
    Integrated TSA approved lock safely secures your belongings. Just click the zippers into the built-in lock and you're set to go.
    High performance wheels made to travel the distance. Regardless of asphalt, dirt road or smooth surfaces be expected to watch it roll with little effort. Your pleasant travels, our utmost satisfaction.


20 inch: 40.0 X 23.0 X 55.5; 2.90 kg

24 inch: 46.0 x 28.0 x 67.5; 3.60 kg

28 inch: 51.5 x 32.0 x 76. cm; 4.55 kg

Note: Measurements & weights are approximate and may vary by 5%.


We go to great lengths to ensure our products are of top-notch quality:


Use exclusively water for cleaning the luggage and dry it with a clean soft cloth.

Chemical materials such as ace tone, paints and oils should never come into contact with shell surfaces.

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